Saturday, January 30, 2010

jobs I don't have

Got an amusing call from my pal, Gary Lindemann, who covered me on "High School Musical", That he's auditioning for a temporary replacement role in Broadway's "A Little Night Music". He said, "...and I see on the web that you are in it! Congrats!"

I am not in "A Little Night Music"

He sent me the link

Sure enough, I'm listed in the cast. I have no explanation for this, other than I was offered the show originally, but I was never under contract to do it.

Same thing happened 2 weeks ago, Q Darrington (ragtime) called to congratulate me, He heard I was offered a Position at " Sondheim on Sondheim".

Again, never happened.

There's only one logical solution. I have an evil Twin. Or a Clone.

Clearly, he's more talented than me. Maybe better looking. Should be interesting when he starts rehearsals on both of these conflicting shows...or could it be? Identical triplets, separated at birth?

And just who is representing these name-stealing/job- stealing phantom offspring that my mother never bothered to mention? Are my agents in on it? Such a conspiracy. It's like the time my grandmother, months before her passing, decided to let slip that my Grandfather and my Great grandfather had done time for embezzlement. I learn this at 40 years old? That I'm descended from thieves and liars?

And now these singing and dancing doppelgangers appear. Mom would have been so proud - all three of us on Broadway in one season.

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