Wednesday, February 3, 2010

modern world

Monday - woke up in New Jersey. Went to bed in Arizona.
Tuesday - Woke up in Arizona. Went to bed in New Jersey.

This is certainly not the most travel I've done in less than 2 days before, but for some reason it really struck me this time about the miracle of the age we live in, that such things are possible. Something about travel always widens my belief in all the possibilities. More so than when I'm at home. Home feels to me to be about shrinking the world down, focusing on what's closest, family, health, finance, maintaining or improving the home to be more of a reflection of us. I even feel guilty relaxing at home, because it is so closely connected in my mind as an extension of the self.
This should make home the place where my mind is at peace. But it's quite the opposite.
Away, I see all I've achieved and all that is possible.
At home, I see all the work that needs to be done.

But when I look beyond home as the self, I see my wife, my kids. I see in them how much they've grown, changed, enriched their lives and mine. I see in them all that is possible.

my meditation for today is to merge these ideals. To know that, in my own home, all the same possibilities exist. That the world is just as large, just as connected, just as miraculous as seen from my living room as is seen from the desert. or from 35,000 feet


  1. I love the photo of you and Sandra with the DOGS!! That is great!!

  2. The above post is from Debra Rosenstock... not sure how to work this blog.....