Monday, January 25, 2010

My wife, the writer

A brief word about Sandra. Yes, she is writing a book. Really, really, really writing it. This is a long, lonely process. Completely new territory for her. A monumental task.
The courage of this alone is staggering to me. But that's the amazing power of my wife. She has always been able to "Manifest" into her life that which she dreams of. These manifestations do not come without work. or patience. But they come. This one has required the most patience of all (sometimes from both of us). But one big phase of her work nears completion (this is not an announcement nor an estimate of a completion date, those thing are way out of our hands). As I read through her latest and perhaps final draft of her Proposal (a separate monumental document which requires an entirely other skill set to write), I am amazed and aglow with pride. I've been reading along for most of this process. I'm her toughest critic. I have a very short attention span, rarely making it through anything that isn't a comic book or written by Stephen King. So to see, to feel from the power of her words on paper, her journey - from someone with promise, to a voice - It's incredible. I'm completely full, with amazement, pride, awe. I have always loved her voice and the world has heard much of it in her early career. My Wife is still singing, soaring seemingly effortlessly to new heights, on an entirely new kind of music - The music of her own composition. The Music of her soul.

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