Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is my brief, abbreviated history with Football.

As a kid, Sunoco (or was it Shell) gas stations gave you free NFL stamps with a fill-up. There was a book you could put them in and it was very big deal at my elementary school. I didn't know who any of the players were except for a handful of Cincinnati Bengals (including Mike Reid who wrote songs and recorded them at a studio up the street from our apartment - he still writes and won a Grammy for "I can't make you love me" for Bonnie Raitt) .My Dad was not a big football fan, we never went to a single game, plenty of Baseball and even hockey).
My Dad taught me Baseball.
My Brother taught me Football. I was shocked to discover that I could throw a pretty good spiral, even with small hands. Still have to say I preferred the Nurf football, who didn't, you could throw that sucker for a mile.
My brother is older and his friends were tough kids. We didn't go to the local Catholic school, but some of his friends did. They had a Football team, our school didn't. He went out for it. Probably would have been killer too, but my Dad got wind that the coach was using "foul language" with the kids (5th -6th graders) and pulled him out.
So we both played Basketball for the Cheviot Police assoc. Teams (Blue and white CPA uniforms). We had played Baseball for CFA (Fire assoc, red uniforms.), that was a big rivalry. Well, my brother Played, and, well. I wore the uniforms, went to the practices, got in the team photos, played a total of 7 minutes - that's 2 seasons on baseball and one of basketball combined. I'm cool with this, I sucked. Still and all, glad I did it.
So I did not dream of a pro sports career. I dreamed of what I do. And statistically, I guess the odds of playing pro sports are about the same as starring in 5 Broadway shows. I wouldn't mind getting their salaries. Who wouldn't, right?

Shortly after my Mom and Dad split in the 70's, I moved in with my Dad. I remember he took me to a super bowl party. it was a blast. Mainly because I'd never been to one. It had to be Steelers/Cowboys 1979 - I don't remember, I looked it up. It was all his friends, I was the youngest one there.
I think that's it. My entire history with football. Except, this year I'm gonna watch.

Not really sure why. Not really sure why I've seen so few, I really like Football. It's by far the best sport to televise, TV makes it a true coliseum event. And The Saints? Come on, talk about taking the long way, gotta see that. But mainly - this has felt like a long cold winter. I need to be part of the event, to help break it up. So Yeah, I'm excited. Go Saints.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the memories Ron about Cheviot Police and Cheviot Fire Associations. I actually played the opposite. I played baseball for Police and 1 yr of basketball for Fire. Probably played against each other bud. Football is the best sport. Since Cheviot did not have a football team, I played for the Western A.A. Warriors..remember them? I should have recruited you and Cam to play for us. I remember the Super Bowl that you mention here. I was a Cowboy fan back then, so I was not happy w/the result. As I'm sure you're aware, I'm also a Bengal fan, so I have a request for you: Take down the Steelers' picture off the blog!!